5 Things to Know When Buying A New Construction Home

Should You Get A Realtor?

Many people believe that if they are going to buy a new construction they don’t need a Realtor. While this may sound correct it could also hurt you in the end. Having a Realtor that understands new construction is a vital part of the new construction home buying process. This won’t make your purchase any more expensive as the price is the same whether you have a Realtor or not.

A Realtor can help put the pressure on the builder when they have made mistakes and when errors need to be fixed before closing. The builder’s sales rep is an employee of the builder and won’t fight for you. Having a knowledgeable Realtor on your side will allow you to not have to fight the fights with the builder. Leave this task to your Realtor and the process will be a lot less stressful on yourself.

A Realtor will also know how to work inspections into the contract. Many times people believe and are told you don’t need a home inspection when buying new construction. This is wrong for so many reasons and many youtube videos from home inspectors show this. You can get multiple inspections too, You can get an inspection before the drywall is installed to verify that the framing and pre-finish areas are correct. Then once the building code inspector signs off on the home, you can have a home inspector find any flaws before you sign the closing documents. This way you can demand the changes be fixed before closing. Builders tend to take their time with repairs after closing documents are signed.